Muscowpetung Mission Statement

By working together, our sovereign and treaty people, will strive to grow and develop a strong nation for present and future generations.

About Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation

Chief Cheekuk was the original chief on record from 1874 until his death in 1880. His headman included Kayquasukkeemeeskunk, Keesick, Passang, Wakawesit, Wesackkeepiness, Pahsunk, and Mesakeepiness. In 1874, Treaty 4 was signed on behalf of Canada with the Saulteaux, Assiniboian, Cree, and other Indians inhabiting the south and central plains of North-West Territories. On September 8, 1875, Cheekuk (the worthy one), a Saulteaux Chief, adhered to Treaty #4 on behalf of what later become known as the Muscowpetung Band.

According to historical records, Chief Cheekuk passed away in March of 1880, where Chief Muscowpetung took over along with headmen Pasung, Keesik (John Moore), and Kaquatacommesung. Chief Muscowpetung lead along with Pasung and Kaquatacomemesung on August 8, 1881. Chief Muscowpetung led the tribe until his death in 1915. Chief Muscowpetung’s headmen included Muscowcappo (Albert Cappo), Pasung, Keesick, Meshakeepnase (John Keepness), Apickinew, and Thunder Striking the Ground.

The Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation currently has nearly 1600 registered band members with nearly 500 living on reserve in the beautiful scenic Qu’Appelle Valley.

Chief Melissa Tavita, Councillor Barry Cappo, Shane Keepness, Terence Cappo, Byron Toto and Thomas Pratt are the current elected officials and will serve the community until the end of their term March 2022.

The Muscowpetung has owns three local businesses on reserve including the Muscowpetung “Stop n Go” Convenience Store, Mino Maskihki Cannabis Dispensary and Muscowpetung Security Services which employs many local band members at each business.

Total Population
On-reserve Population
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