Vision Statement

Our vision at Muscowpetung Education Centre is to provide the educational supports needed by our students now, so they will be able to compete and be functioning members of society.

In our Saulteaux/Anishinabe culture, families are fundamental to the success of all children. Within the family circle all members have a role in the nurturing of our children.

To develop a positive self-identity children must be taught their language, heritage and history. Family and Elder’s teachings prepare them for life’s challenges in today’s modern society, grounded in the richness of our culture.

Our commitment to our young people is to pass on the legacy of a proud heritage, secure in their knowledge of contributions of our Saulteaux/Anishinabe Culture. With this support our children will develop and maintain a strong educational foundation.

We honor our community with a nurturing, caring and supportive learning environment. For this we strive in our professional capacities as educators.

Mission Statement

Our school maintains a philosophy of inclusion, with the goal of full-time integration of any child, who may not be experiencing 100% involvement in their regular classroom. Our mission is to provide children with guidance and support in making positive choices not only within the context and setting of the school, but also within the greater community. Our students are encouraged to develop increased self-awareness and self-monitoring skills. Children are encouraged to use the Zones of Regulation. Students will have the ability to gain self-control, as this is a choice as opposed to losing self-control. All are accountable for their actions. This program revolves around the idea that everything we do is self-regulating.

We view parents and families as essential partners in the education of our students. We encourage our parents to be involved in classroom and school activities. Working together, we can develop a school where we all feel safe and valued, growing together in an atmosphere of support and mutual respect.

Kici Meqwetch


  • Fountas & Pinnell Levelled Literacy Intervention; small group and individual.
  • Reading/Math Intervention; students are being helped by intervention through Fountas & Pinnell Assessment.
  • WIAT Assessment for all of our students and scores are used for Math intervention.
  • Mental Health Therapist; Play/Art Therapy in the school, 4 days/week.
  • Speech and Language Pathologist; working with students with severe speech, language, developmental, communication, and behavior difficulties.
  • Equine Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Tae Kwon Do Lessons weekly for all of our students.
  • Skating
  • Gymnastics and Swimmingfor all students.
  • Drumming/Dancingpractice weekly.
  • Yoga and Meditating; implementation this school year.
  • Boxing Club implementation this school year.
  • Regalia Making for families.
  • Spring School Powwow
  • Family Literacy Nights
  • Grades 6-8 will be travelling to Spectrum 2019, a triennial exhibition of science, technology, and engineering organized and hosted by College of Engineering @ University of Saskatchewan in January 2019.
  • Road to Freedom, Kyle Nobess is working closely with our students in script writing, movie making workshops.
  • AgribitionField Trip for all students.
  • Traditional Teachings; coming of age teachings for boys and girls.
  • FHQTC Kids Cooking Cluba fun, interactive and educational class for our students to learn about healthy eating, practise basic cooking skills and enjoy a nutritious meal they prepare.
  • FHQTC Health Services will be providing monthly workshops for grades 6-8 focusing on Building Self-Esteem.
  • Elder visits to our classrooms.
  • Saulteaux Language Retention

Muscowpetung Education Staff 2018-2019 Website

Doris Charette

Muscowpetung Education Centre Principal

Doris became the principal of the Muscowpetung Education Centre in September 2018. She is a long time educator and has brought so much value to the students and teachers.

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