Income Assistance

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development’s (AANDC) Income Assistance program is one of five Social Development Programs administered by the department. AANDC’s Income Assistance program is offered to eligible individuals and families who are ordinarily resident on-reserve.

AANDC has engaged in on-reserve income assistance activities for almost 50 years, with the broad objective of providing individuals and families with the means to meet basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

AANDC also funds special needs allowances for goods and services which are essential to the physical or social well-being of an eligible client but are not included as items of basic need, such as furniture and the cost of a physician-recommended diet.

Additionally, AANDC funds pre-employment supports as a component of its Income Assistance program. This proactive approach to help individuals move from income assistance dependency to leading more independent and self-sufficient lives with the skills and training they need to find and hold meaningful, sustainable jobs. These pre-employment measures can include basic and life skills training, formal education and career counselling, apprenticeship, as well as voluntary work. They may also include wage subsidies to encourage employers to hire clients, as well as specified training supports.

Contact Information:

Interim Income Assistance Jon Cappo

Social Assistance Manager

Band Office: 1(306)723-4747

Toll Free: 1-866-848-4747