Muscowpetung Saulteaux Business Development

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Muscowpetung Saulteaux Business Developments (MSBD) was developed in June 2015 and oversees our community store the Muscowpetung Stop & Go and our joint venture partnerships.

MSBD will continue to engage potential joint venture partnerships and economic development opportunities.

On Monday, November 12, 2018 Muscowpetung Chief and Council along with the Elders Council and on reserve Membership passed the Muscowpetung First Nation Cannabis Act.

Muscowpetung continues to assert a legal right to make laws governing cannabis on reserve that is grounded in the Indian Act and as a section 35 right recognized and protected under the Constitution Act, 1982.

The MFN Cannabis Act meets and exceeds federal and provincial standards and is aligned with the federal governments objectives to minimize use, establish safe and responsible supply chain of cannabis, reduce criminal activity, protect young people and enforce public safety and protection.

MFN Cannabis Act will serve as the foundation to address the governance of all aspects of cannabis production, sale, possession and use within and on the Muscowpetung First Nation.

Muscowpetung First Nation Cannabis Bylaw – Signed